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Klickitat PUD, Senior Services and WGAP are hosting SENIOR DAYS

by Oct 30, 2017

Klickitat PUD, Senior Services and WGAP are hosting SENIOR DAYS - November 14th from 10-1 @ WS Senior Services Office - November 22nd from 10-1 @ KPUD meeting room in Goldendale
ma-pa kettle   Who should attend: Klickitat PUD senior customers (61+)
   What’s happening:

    -Sign up for KPUD Senior Discounts for the 2017-2018 program.
    -Sign up for Energy Assistance with WGAP.
    -Learn about LIHEAP weatherization programs.
    -Learn about KPUD programs and talk with our conservation specialist.
   When and Where:
       November 14th from 10 am and 1 pm @ WS Senior Services office in the Pioneer Building.
       November 22nd from 10 am and 1 pm @ Klickitat PUD meeting room in Goldendale.

Klickitat PUD and Senior Services representatives will provide information and assistance on low-income elderly discounts.Customers can receive enrollment help and income verification from Senior Services. Additionally, WGAP will be processing applications for energy assistance. This means bring documents to prove household annual income.
Senior customers will learn about KPUD customer service programs and about LIHEAP energy assistance/ weatherization programs. Coffee, juice and cookies will be served.

The low-income senior monthly discounts are 5%, 15%, 25% & 35% based on household total annual income and age (61+).  Income scale and discount percentage is below.

Sr. Discounts Yearly Income
35% Discount $11,770 or less
25% Discount $11,771- $16,200
15% Discount $16,201- $17,660
  5% Discount $17,661- $23,500