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Winter Temperatures Impact Electric Bill

by Jan 30, 2023

The answer to "Why did my usage increase?" varies, but winter weather is a significant contributor.

Cold Weather Impacts Electric Bills

*impacts vary based on primary heating source, house size, type & energy sfficiency measures.*
Why did my usage increase?
I didn't touch my thermostat.
  • Heat Loss factor Increases as Temperatures Drop.  It takes more enegy to maintain a house at 70 degrees when the average temperature is 34 degrees outside.

  • Heat Pump Efficiency Decreases with Low Temperatures.  At around 35 degrees, heat pumps reach a balance point and are supplemented by emergency heat, which increases energy usage.

  • Consistent Meter Reads.  Self read customers should provide consistent meter reads, especially during winter months. This ensures estimate adjustments are not driving up the billed usage to catch up for unbilled usage.
Klickitat PUD office have FREE weatherization kits available to help reduce heat loss.
Swing by an office to pick one up.