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Customer Generation: 


Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery and Production Incentive Programs 

These programs are Washington State programs which they fund through tax revenue and provides incentive based on participating customers annual energy production. These programs are managed by Washington State University extension energy program for utilities that choose to participate as a pass-through for the program.  To participate applicants must be pre-approved by the utility and WSU before systems can be put in place.

Notice of Change: 
Under previous state law (WAC 458.20.273 and RCW 82.16.120), Klickitat PUD met the state assigned cap of 0.5% of its taxable power sales and closed the program to new participants in 2015.

Under new state law signed into effect July 7, 2017 (Senate Bill 5939), a revised and new program was established. However, at this time Klickitat PUD will continue to keep all programs closed to new participants so that every effort can be made to thoroughly evaluate them.

Net Metering: 

Klickitat PUD has been in the process of conducting Net Metering customer workshops seeking public  comment and participation in aiding with the design of an updated net metering program. From those conversations KPUD has set a Public Rate Hearing for March 27th at 6 pm located at 1313 S Columbus Ave., Goldendale WA. This hearings agenda will ask for the adoption of a new Net Meter Policy and rate structure for new customers.

Board Agenda Coversheet- Net Metering Public Rate Hearing 032718
Policy Bulletin 25 - Net Metering_Draft 031618
Customer Generation Net Metering Agreement_DRAFT 031618
Rate Sch 1a - Residential Net Metering_DRAFT 031618
EES Study-KPUD Net Metering Rate Options 031518 - Final

Please contact our Energy Services Department at (509) 773-7622 with any questions.

Net metering is an electricity policy which allows utility customers to offset some or all of their electric consumption with self produced renewable energy. Net metering works by utilizing a special meter that is able record energy flow in both directions. At the end of a given month, the customer is billed only for the net energy used.

Notice of change:
Please be informed that effective July 12, 2017 Klickitat PUD will be implementing a temporary suspension of the Net Metering Program to new participants. 

This suspension will remain in place until further notice.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we use this time to evaluate the program in hopes to offer and updated version that takes in consideration the many changes in the industry. 

For more specifics on these programs, please call 509-773-7622 or 800-548-8357 x622 Anita Clever