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Klickitat PUD

Customer Generation: 

Residential Net Energy Metering

KPUD continues to voluntarily offer a net metering program for Customer-Generators (owners of solar and other eligible renewable resources) that allows the offset the energy consumption and possibly “store” the power produced for future use, if the amount generated is more than is needed at that time.

KPUD Customer-Generators with a capacity of 100 kilowatts AC output or less are eligible to participate in our net metering program. Proposed generator systems with a capacity of 26-100 kilowatts require additional information and approval.

To receive credit for the electricity produced, interested net metering customers need to complete an Interconnection Application and Agreement for approval by the utility. Upon completion of the system and following a Washington State L&I approved inspection, a new bi-directional  meter will be installed to measure the property’s electric use as well as the net energy contributed to the utility to be used as an offset to the Customer-Generators consumption in accordance with Washington state rules. Net generation will be calculated at the current energy rate (kilowatt-hours) per the applicable rate schedule defined by service requirements and future revisions to rate schedules and rate designs.

Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of Policy Bulletin 25 Interconnection Standards and approved Interconnection Agreement.

Steps to take:
  1. Read the Policy Bulletin 25  to become familiar with the required guidelines for your system.
  2. Use the Net Metering Check List as a guide.
  3. Complete the Net Metering Application and Net Metering Agreement and send the information to Attn: Energy Services, Klickitat PUD, 1313 S Columbus Ave, Goldendale WA, 98620 or send via email aclever@klickpud.com

Additional Documentation may be required:

An aggregated meter may be added to the Customer-Generators net metering agreement. An aggregated meter means the combination of billing net energy consumption from the designated bi-directional net meter and an eligible second meter. To request, complete the Aggregation Packet and submit with the application and agreement.

Additional equipment signage may be required depending on the system design and placement. Please review the Placard Requirements

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For more specifics on this program, please contact our Energy Services Department at
(509) 773-7622 or 1-800-548-8357 x622

Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery and Production Incentive Programs

The Washington State Renewable Incentive Program has met the funding limitations prescribed and is closed. 

These programs are Washington State programs which they fund through tax revenue and provides incentive based on participating customers annual energy production. These programs are managed by Washington State University extension energy program for utilities that choose to participate as a pass-through for the program.  To participate applicants must be pre-approved by the utility and WSU before systems can be put in place. Contact WSU Energy for more information 1-360-956-2200
Supplemental Information

How Net Metering Works