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Customer Generation: 

Residential Net Energy Metering

Klickitat PUD continues to voluntarily support customer choice and alternative sources of energy by offering an interconnection of a Residential Net Energy Metering program that allows residential customers who generate their own electricity from solar power or other approved generating facilities of 25 kW or less to feed electricity back into the grid. Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of Policy 25, Interconnection Standards, and approved Interconnection Agreement.

The electric rate schedule associated with this program is:
Electric Rate Schedule 1a - Residential Net Energy Metering

For more specifics on this program, please contact our Energy Services Department at (509) 773-7622 or 1-800-548-8357 x622

Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery and Production Incentive Programs

These programs are Washington State programs which they fund through tax revenue and provides incentive based on participating customers annual energy production. These programs are managed by Washington State University extension energy program for utilities that choose to participate as a pass-through for the program.  To participate applicants must be pre-approved by the utility and WSU before systems can be put in place.

Under new state law signed into effect July 7, 2017 (Senate Bill 5939), a revised and new program was established. Klickitat PUD started participating in this new program effective April 1, 2018.

For more specifics on this program, please contact WSU Energy Program 1-800-363-7289