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Klickitat PUD


We can't avoid downed power lines in winter. But you should.

In winter snow, ice, freezing rain and wind can mean problems with power lines. Power poles can snap without warning and tree limbs can fall taking power lines down with them. Just by looking, there is no way to know for sure whether a downed power line is "hot" or not. If you spot a downed power line, please stay away. Call the PUD immediately. Remember, only trained linemen can handle a downed power line safely.

Remember, water and electricity don't mix

Your hair dryer knows something you should know - water and electricity don't mix. Hair dryers have a warning tag to remind you not to use them near water. Never stand on a wet floor while drying your hair. Don't leave a hair dryer plugged in when you aren't using it - it's too easy for it to be accidentally knocked into the sink and come into contact with water. And never leave your hair dryer where a young child can reach it. In short - use your head when you use your dryer.

Have a safe flight

Make sure your youngsters know these simple rules for flying kites safely:

  • Always use cloth string.
  • Never fly kites near power lines.
  • Don't try to retrieve a kite caught in trees or power lines, or on power poles.

Stick around for the fireworks

Here's an accident waiting to happen. A standard wall outlet is designed for two plugs. If you have more, the outlet is overloaded. And overloading can be dangerous -- resulting in electrical shorts, power outages, fires and personal injury.

The best rule is to use one plug per outlet, and limit your chances of fireworks.

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