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Klickitat PUD


  • Who do I contact about...

  • Are the summer electric rates different than the winter rates?

  • Does KPUD offer rebates for upgrades to heating/cooling systems?

  • Are there programs available to help seniors and others manage their monthly bill?

  • Why do I pay a basic fee each month?

  • Why are my electric bills so high during the winter heating months even though I make great efforts to conserve?

  • What access to my property must I provide to PUD employees?

  • Why is my neighbor’s electric bill lower than mine?

  • How likely is it that the issue with my bill is related to a faulty meter?

  • If a representative of the PUD comes to my residence to disconnect my electrical service, may I pay the representative the amount owing on my bill and avoid the disconnect?

  • If my electric service has been disconnected, when will service be restored?

  • Why does electrical power go out, when the telephone is seldom out?

  • Is there a way to hook up an emergency generator when the lights go out?

  • What is a Temporary Service installation?

  • What are the typical Amperage Ratings for a Meter Base?

  • How do I choose between Overhead and Underground service installation?

  • What information is required for an Easement?

  • How do I pay my bill or submit my meter read online?