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Klickitat PUD

Fuel Mix Report

 Fuel Mix 1 

Fuel Mix 2
Calculations are based on power purchases for 2021 reported by Klickitat PUD to the Washington State Department of Commerce in 2022.

KPUD Power Supply Fast Facts:

  • Roughly 82% of our 2021 power supply was from carbon free resources including hydro and nuclear power.
  • The remaining 18% of our power was obtained from unspecified market purchases from a variety of potential resources which may include carbon free resources.
  • Of our overall power supply 78% is supplied by BPA, 8% is supplied by KPUD’s share of output from specific hydro projects and the remainder is supplied through market purchases.

Additional Power Supply Information:

As you can see from the charts above, the vast majority of our power supply needs are met by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). BPA provides us with a steady and predictable power supply that serves the majority of our base power needs. Our primary share of the BPA system is largely fixed for the duration of our BPA contract but can slightly adjust every two years.

As our average power needs exceed our baseline BPA share, we are required to purchase an additional flat amount of power on an hourly bases to serve the needs of our customers. Our goal is to obtain this in the most cost effective and reliable manner. Historically this has been accomplished through market purchases made at very competitive prices. As wholesale market prices increase and carbon content of power purchases becomes a greater concern, it is likely future purchases will come from specific low-carbon resources.

Actual customer needs and power supply resources never match perfectly. At times we obtain more power than is required and at other time customers use more power than we have supplied. As a Load Following customer of BPA they manage these variances for us in real-time to ensure we have adequate resources to serve our customers.