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Rate Sch 5-1:  Irrigation Service - Time of Use Metering


Power will be available for use on a continuous basis for irrigation pumping, subject to the PUD's Consumer Service Policy.

Type of Service

Three-phase, 60 cycle, at available secondary voltage to apply water to agricultural crops. (Irrigators may change schedules, if they are eligible, no more than once each year) All agricultural irrigation loads will be billed on an irrigation rate.

Energy Charge

On Peak - Monday through Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Off Peak - All other Times
Minimum Annual Charge       Single Phase - $185.04 / Three Phase - $431.76
Time of Use Meter Charge                        - $555.12

  kWh On Peak kWh Off Peak kW On Peak kW Off Peak
January $0.0420 $0.0297 $7.04 $1.33
February $0.0389 $0.0274 $6.63 $1.33
March $0.0352 $0.0247 $5.93 $1.33
April $0.0309 $0.0235 $4.73 $1.33
May $0.0274 $0.0198 $4.66 $1.33
June $0.0343 $0.0184 $5.83 $1.33
July $0.0452 $0.0306 $7.53 $1.33
August $0.0669 $0.0374 $7.53 $1.33
September $0.0480 $0.0393 $7.53 $1.33
October $0.0370 $0.0309 $5.74 $1.33
November $0.0461 $0.0370 $7.53 $1.33
December $0.0469 $0.0364 $7.53 $1.33

Billing kW - The kW capacity will be the kW as computed from readings of the PUD demand meter for a 30-minute period of the greatest use during the month. Off peak capacity shall be billed only on the incremental off peak kW in excess of on-peak kW.

Power Factor - The consumer agrees to maintain unity factor as nearly as practicable. The PUD reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time. Should such measurements indicate that the average power factor is less than ninety-seven percent (97%), the kW, for billing purposes, shall be increased by the percent, which the average power factor is less than ninety-seven percent (97%) lagging.

Payment - The kW and kWh usage will be billed in monthly installments, according to usage. Service under this schedule is subject to the Consumer Service Policy of the PUD (See Policy Bulletin No. 7).

Effective - The effective date of this rate schedule is for all bills issued after April 1, 2013.

FOOTNOTE: All percentage changes in rates are based on what an “average” customer may expect. Increases or decreases in a customer’s electric bill will depend solely on their own consumption pattern.