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Klickitat PUD


Agriculture is an important part of Klickitat County. Our region is consistently challenged with long droughts and water shortages. Irrigators have a unique opportunity to help mitigate these water shortages, increase irrigation uniformity, decrease the amount of water and fertilizer required, all while using less energy.

KPUD offers rebates for some of the following:

Agriculture Project Packet

Irrigation Hardware Upgrades

Incentives for Irrigation Equipment Upgrades are available for nozzles, sprinklers, regulators, etc. Please review the Agricultural Project packet shown above. 

Variable Frequency Drives and Pump Upgrades

Incentives for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) are available for pumping operations that deliver, distribute or transport irrigation water.

Other Rebates

Freeze Resistant & Thermostatically Controlled Stock Water Tanks/Fountains
Thermostatically Controlled outlets 

Irrigation Pump Testing and System Analysis

Over time, pump performance will inevitably decline, This rate of decline in pump effectiveness depends on several variables, but if a pump is over 5 years old it could be a good candidate for testing to see if it's performance can be improved or if a replacement pump may be more cost-effective.

An irrigation Pump Test measures various aspects of the pump's operating performance including lift, discharge pressure, power input, and water flow. The results of the pump test provide a value for the overall efficiency of the pumping plant. There are three main classes of pump testing.

*Simple System Evaluation: a walk thru evaluation to measure pump discharge pressure, utility meter data, and evaluate condition of distribution system and sprinkler nozzles.

*Simple System Irrigation Pump Test (open discharge to a pond): perform pump test (flow, TDH, input power) and limited mainline analysis.

*Irrigation Pump Test and System Analysis: perform irrigation pump test and evaluate mainlines and critical sprinkles in the tested condition and make adjustments for the critical position of the system.

To qualify for KPUD irrigation pump testing and system analysis the irrigation pump must be electrically powered, 20 hp or greater and must not have been tested through the KPUD or BPA sponsored pump testing services within the past 5 years. The irrigation pump must have been in operation for the two previous years.

For more information on requirements please contact the Energy Services Specialist, Anita Clever (509) 773-7622