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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

              Allegiant Scope of Work 01/10/2024
On Wednesday, January 10th, two Allegiant technicians are completing exchanges in Dallesport while two additional technicians begin the Wishram area. We will monitor their progress and update the map shared with our customers. 

*The meters symbolized by red dots are those meters that may require in-house meter exchanges such as net meters, irrigation services or three-phase services.  

Automated phone calls have been sent to those customers advising of the meter exchanges. If you live in one of the areas mentioned above and did not receive a call or letter, please access your SmartHub account or contact KPUD at (800) 548-8357 to update your contact or mailing information.


Customers will be able to better monitor and manage energy usage. 
KPUD will be able to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of energy delivery for all of our customers.

The energy landscape is changing, and so are customer expectations.

“Advanced Metering Infrastructure Supports” all of the following and more: 

Customer Empowerment
Through Klickitat PUD’s SmartHub customers can access a variety of tools such as charts and graphs that will improve understanding about their energy usage. Customers will be able to view usage in real-time from anywhere where they have internet access and will have an option to enroll and received usage notifications and alerts as desired.
Faster Response
Improved meter communication notifies KPUD of outages immediately, resulting in faster response and restoration. Daily reads identify service issues faster, so they do not compound over multiple months.
Real-Time Service
Customer service will have more information available to reference when questions arise. Customer service will also be able to request on-demand meter reads, perform disconnects and reconnects, all of which reduces customer wait time and increases cost efficiency of service work.
Enhanced Privacy
Meter reads and some service work can be completed remotely, so KPUD will no longer have to enter your property monthly. The PUD will still need occasional access for maintenance.

Although advanced electronic technology has become the norm in many aspects of our daily lives, we understand advanced meters are new for customers of Klickitat PUD. Hopefully, this information will help answer any questions you may have. We will continue to update this information as we move through the installation process.

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