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Klickitat PUD

Safe Drinking Water 

In 1996, Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act.  It added a provision requiring that all community water systems deliver to their customers a brief annual water quality report.  Consumer Confidence Reports summarize information that the water system collects to comply with regulations.  Klickitat PUD sends this information to it's customers on a yearly basis.

Find the Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), also called Water Quality Reports listed below:

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Safe Drinking Water is Important...How can I get involved?

If you notice any suspicious activity related to the water system (i.e. tankers parked at fire hydrants, non-PUD vehicles or personnel working on public water services, etc.), please report it to Klickitat PUD, the Police Department or the Sherriff’s Department immediately. The following are contact numbers to call to report suspicious activity, or if you have concerns regarding your water:

Water/Wastewater Department (509) 773-7623

Klickitat PUD Customer Service (509) 773-5891 or (800) 548-8357