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Klickitat PUD

Rate Sch 3A7:  Large General Service


  • For all users who had energy consumption greater than 180,000 kWh per year and below 1,000 average kW, and below 2,500 peak kWs during the previous calendar year.
  • For customers normally served by the PUD and supplied through a single meter and one point of delivery.
  • Agriculture irrigation not eligible for this rate.

    Basic Fee:           $ 57.84

    Monthly Rates:

            Period 1:     $ 0.0417 per kWh (March, April, May, June )

            Period 2:     $ 0.0642 per kWh (All Other Months)

     Demand Charge:

            Period 1:     $ 6.65 per kW (March, April, May, June)

            Period 2:     $ 9.10 per kW (All Other Months)

Demand - The billing demand will be the kW as shown by or computed from the readings of the PUD demand meter, for the thirty (30) minute period of the consumer's greatest use during the month.

Basic Fee - The basic fee will be assessed at the amount identified above for each service, unless a higher minimum has been established under the PUD's Line Extension Policy No. 16.

Rate Periods -- Are based on a customer's monthly statement date.  

Power Factor - The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable. The PUD reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time. Should such measurement indicate that the average power factor is less than ninety-seven percent (97%), the demand may be increased by the percent which the average power factor is less than ninety-seven percent (97%) lagging.

Customer Service Policy - Service under this schedule is subject to the Consumer Service Policy of the PUD (See Policy Bulletin No. 21)

Effective - The rates on this schedule are effective on bills issued after January 1, 2024.