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Klickitat PUD

New Construction Manufactured Home

The Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM)

The Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program known as NEEM is a collaborative effort between the home builders, retailers and utilities across the northwest that certifies the most energy efficient manufactured homes built. The NEEM Program's objective third party quality assurance means homes perform  as what is called" Efficiency Certified"

Qualifying new constriction manufactured homes must be electrically heated, installation completed with occupancy permit, active KPUD utility account and be certified  with the NEEM Energy Star compliance requirements of versions 1.1, 2.0 or NEEM +

For more information on NEEM manufactured homes vist neemhomes.com

NEEM Manufactured Home Rebate Packet

Existing Home Weatherization

Air leaks and insufficient insulation and windows contribute to drafts, uncomfortable temperatures in your home and higher electric usage.

Take control of comfort and energy bills, learn more about weatherization and available rebates.

Contact our Energy Services Department at (509) 773-7622 to lean more and refer to the attached documentation for further detail and requirements.

Residential Weatherization Requirements 2022.docx

Residential Weatherization Rebate Application

Approved Vendors

Weatherization Specifications_2022


Attic – Existing (Single Family) R-0 to R-7  Increase to minimum R-38 1.15/sq foot
Attic – Existing(Single Family) R-8 to R-11 Increase to minimum R-38 .50/sq foot
Attic – Existing
Manufactured Home
R-0  to R-7 Increase to minimum R-22 .50/sq foot
Wall – Existing(Single Family) Equal to R-0 Increase to R-11 or R-19, whatever is practical 1.15/sq foot
Wall – Existing
Manufactured Home

No Incentive
Floor – Existing (Single Family) R-0 to R-11  R-19 or maximum level needed to fill joist cavities .50/sq foot
Floor – Existing
Manufactured Home
R-0 to R-11 Increase to R-22 or maximum level needed to fill the joist cavities .50/sq foot
Multi Family &
Low Income
  Inquire about custom project Calculated per project
Exterior Insulated Door Any exterior door  Replace with ENERGY STAR qualified door  $40.00 per exterior door replaced


Window Replacement & Patio / French Doors Single pane any frame or double pane metal frame Increase to Energy Star windows with a U-Factor of .30 or lower Patio / French doors with a U-Factor of .35 or lower $4.50 per square foot of existing window space