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Klickitat PUD

Klickitat PUD en Programas de Atencion al Cliente

Klickitat PUD Customer Support Programs

Klickitat PUD customer service staff will work with customers to help customers receive energy assistance, establish reasonable payment arrangement or agree to a budget payment plan.  Klickitat PUD reminds customers the time to seek assistance and arrangements is before disconnect. Contact PUD customer service discuss options at 800-548-8357 or 800-548-8358.

Payment arrangements:  While customers are still obligated to pay for     electricity they consume, KPUD will be as flexible and as reasonable as possible with payment arrangements to minimize customer impact.  Payment arrangements can be made directly with customer service and will be handled case-by-case depending on the account status and payment arrangement history.

Budget Payment Plan: The budget payment plan averages your monthly bills so you pay the same amount each month.  It is recommended you have a zero balance and 1-year of service at the location prior to establishing a budget plan.  If you go off the budget plan, close your account or move to another address, the balance becomes due immediately. KPUD customer service can be reached at 800-548-8357 or 800-548-8358.



Klickitat PUD partners with Washington Gorge Action Program (WAGAP) to help those in need.  WAGAP administers the Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP) and disburses energy assistance directly to Klickitat PUD on behalf of eligible customers.   WAGAP will process your applications for the programs below, they can be reached at 509-773-6834 or 509-493-2662.  Here is the link to start the process Washington Gorge Action Programs .

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households with their home energy bills. 


Klickitat County Senior Services approves applications and recommends award for KPUD Low Income Senior Discounts:

  • Klickitat PUD Low Income Elderly Discounts:  Klickitat PUD offers a 5%, 15%, 25% or 35% low-income discounts to qualified low income seniors.  This program runs from December to May and is reviewed and approved annually. Please review eligibility requirementsKlickitat County Senior Services can be reached at 509-773-3757 or 509-493-3068.


dendale Christian Fellowship (GCF) approves applications and makes award recommendations to KPUD for Operation Warm Heart:

  • Operation Warm Heart:  Klickitat PUD’s Operation Warm Heart is a year-round program that is available for qualified customers regardless of income.  Customer must demonstrate they are experiencing a temporary financial hardship based on factors beyond their control.  Customers with long-term poor credit history may not qualify.  A consistent effort to make payments is important.  Customer must have 1-year of service, prior to seeking assistance. Except in an emergency situation, OWH funds are for 1-time distribution.  Customer may be required to match pledge amount and pledge shall not exceed $500.  Contact KPUD customer service at 800-548-8357 or 800-548-8358 to request and submit an application.

If you want to give to those in need – consider Operation Warm Heart   You can round up your bill or choose a dollar amount to give to those who need help paying their bill.  At your request, customer service can set it up for you.